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Best Coaching Institutes for IIT JEE Main and Advanced


Table of Content

Top JEE Coaching ClassesAre you one of those students, who are looking to study in a reputed engineering college like IIT? Do you constantly keep a keen eye on the updated lists of Best Coaching Institutes for IIT JEE Preparation? Then, you are not alone as each year approximately 15 lakh students fight to get through the limited seats in IIT. For admission, students have to appear for IIT JEE and get a better rank to get selected. Being the most reputed engineering entrance exam, it is indeed the toughest one as well. Both for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. However, with every single step students have something to rejoice about. As one clears the first phase or the JEE Mains with a decent score, he/she is eligible for admissions in the NITs, IIITs, and other reputed institutes that accept the JEE Main score.  On top of that, they also qualify to write the JEE Advanced Exam. So, they have another shot at striving for admissions into the IITs. 

Of course, it has never been easy to clear the Mains or Advanced exams. One needs to toil hard during preparations and give in his/her best during the JEE preparation phase. One option is self-study, which can be done if the aspirants are dedicated and self-motivated and other is to join coaching institutes. The latter option is definitely more effective as students get the best coaching for IIT by the coaching institutes. Moreover, if students decide upon joining an Entrance Exam Coaching Institute JEE, they get to have expert mentoring at all stages of preparation. But choosing a coaching institute is a daunting task and hence understanding this need of students, we have listed here top 10 IIT JEE coaching institutes list, which comprises of both online and offline institutes. All of these Entrance Exam Preparation Institute JEE have successfully created a brand for themselves.

Top 5 Online IIT JEE Coaching Institutes

1. Toppr

Toppr is among the few top- ranked ed-tech companies that provide comprehensive JEE coaching to the students. It has bagged numerous awards in the education sector and has several happy students, who have been successful in the competitive exams. It has already helped many students clear the JEE with a top score. It has a top class platform for providing guidance, mainly on the subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. It covers subjects of all the major boards of the country and helps students to be abreast with those subjects. In addition to JEE, it also offers online classes for several other competitive entrance exams. It also has a mobile application so that students can prepare for the exams, even on- the- go.

Courses Offered: The portal offers subject wise video lectures, adaptive practice tools, and study material for class 5 to class 12. There are specialized courses for JEE Preparation and you can enrol in a customized program, if you aren’t enrolling in an IIT Coaching centre. Doubt removal sessions, practice tests, and more, form a part of the packages

Fee Range: From monthly payments in the form of custom packages like Master, Advanced, Ultimate, and Custom, fees range is INR 1800/pm to INR 4500/pm

More details can be seen here: Toppr


2. askIITians

With consistent results over the years and students being among the top rankers, askIITians has emerged as one of the top most online coaching institutes. It was founded by two ex- IITians, who realised the pain of students travelling to other places to get comprehensive coaching. With several awards in the education sector, askIITians is the first priority for numerous students across the world. It is their expertise and experience that helps them to give best quality coaching to the JEE aspirants. They use the best in class technological interface to deliver seamless live online classes for the benefit of the students. They have numerous programs to choose from, ranging from one- year, two years to foundation programs for class 6 – 12 students. With best and highly qualified tutors in their team, students will not regret once they enrol in their coaching program.

Courses Offered: They offer:

1. Two Year Classroom Program for JEE (Main & Advanced) and Other Engineering Exams, which features:

  • 412 hr Live Lectures
  • 150 hr Live Doubt Removal Sessions
  • 72 hr High Order Thinking Skills
  • 82 hr Chapter Tests (JEE Main Level)
  • 30 hr Unit Tests (JEE Mains Level)
  • 15 hr  Full Test (JEE Main Level) (PCM)
  • 15 hr Full Test (JEE Advanced Level) (PCM)
  • 15 hr SAT Subject Tests (PCM)
  • 40 hr Parent Teacher Meeting

2. One Year Classroom Program for JEE (Main & Advanced) and Other Engineering Exams, which features:

  • 301 hr Live Lectures
  • 111 hr Live Doubt Removal Sessions
  • 53 hr High Order Thinking Skills
  • 46 hr Chapter Tests (JEE Main Level)
  • 21 hr Unit Tests (JEE Mains Level)
  • 78 hr SA Tests (online+offline) (PCMB)
  • 3 hr PSA Test (School Level)
  • 24 hr Full Test (School+ JEE Main Level) (PCM)
  • 20 hr Parent Teacher Meeting

3. Crash Course for JEE (Main & Advanced) - 2018, which features:

  • 170 hrs Live Lectures
  • 82 hrs Doubt Removal Sessions
  • 52 hrs High Order Thinking Skills
  • 80+ Chapter Tests
  • 16+ Part Tests
  • 15+ Mock Tests
  • 80+ Chapters Video for Theory
  • 80+ Mind Maps
  • 80+ Study Planners

Fee Range: From about INR 46,000 to INR 2,88,200.

More details can be seen here: askIITians JEE & NEET Courses


3. Mystudycart

Best Coaching for IITIt was started with a sole aim of providing quality coaching for preparation of competitive exams. It has an accomplished team of experts and teachers, who together provide online coaching for JEE and several other entrance exams. With one of the co- founders being ex- IITian from Delhi, mystudycart understands the needs of the JEE aspirants and provide the best coaching for them. The institute has on board, some of the best faculty, for live online classes. This proves a great motivator for the students who enrol and eventually helps JEE aspirants prepare in a better manner. They provide personal attention to the students and ensure that they are on the right path of the preparation.

Courses Offered: They offer One Year and Two Year Course for JEE Main and Advanced that has 450 hours and 650 hours of Live Online Classes respectively. In addition to the same, the students are provided recordings of all classes, 30 books (10 each for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics), along with 225 practice papers, equally distributed between the three subjects.

Fee Range: From about INR 98,000 to 184000.

More details can be seen here: Mystudycart


4. Etoosindia

Etoos is a renowned name in the education field in South Korea and in 2011, it started its operations in India. It was set up in Kota for providing quality education for JEE aspirants and in the same year, it also started to provide online coaching classes to the students, who are not able to travel to Kota. Etoosindia has some of the best faculties to provide coaching to students and make them mentally strong. They have a good online program with extensive video lectures that allow students to study at anytime and anywhere.

Courses Offered: From One Year, Two Year and Three Year Courses in a subject wise form, the portals offers wide choice. You can even select the faculty of your choice for the subject you want and then pay for the mode that you chose. It could be in any one of the forms: VOD (Video lecture)/Mobile Learning/USB form.

Fee Range: INR 5300 to INR 35000

More details can be seen here: Etoosindia


5. Byju’s

Byju’s is a renowned name in the industry now, when it comes to providing top quality offline education to JEE aspirants for different competitive exams. However, It is a new entrant in the field of online coaching but with lots of expertise and experience. It has some of the top subject experts that help students in the JEE preparation. With the latest technology on offer, students can prepare for JEE in the best possible way.

Courses Offered: You have the option to buy a One Year/Two Year courses for JEE preparation at ByJu’s. The video lectures will entail complete course for JEE, tips and tricks for revision, opportunity to connect with an online tutor for doubt removal etc.

Fee Range: INR 40000 to INR 50000

More details can be seen here: Byju’s


Top Offline Coaching Institutes

Top 5 Offline IIT JEE Coaching Institutes:

1. Brilliant Tutorials

Being one of the oldest and most experienced JEE coaching providers and around 25000 students from Brilliant tutorials have already entered IIT. Each year approximately 65000 students take help from Brilliant Tutorials for JEE coaching. It has many centres across India in addition to distance learning program. It covers almost all the competitive exams and also helps students to appear for Olympiads. It has excellent course material and has committed management to guide JEE aspirants.

Courses Offered: Target (for class IX and X students), JEE ELITE (for class XI students), JEE Young Genius (for class XII students). All courses come with detailed reference material, mock tests, National Online Tests, Stimulator Tests etc.

Fee Range: INR 20000 approx.

More details can be seen here: Brilliant Tutorials


2. Aspire Career Academy

Situated in the Mecca of IIT Coaching, Kota, Aspire Career Academy is indeed one of the fastest growing JEE coaching institutes. Established by an ex- IITian, the idea behind Aspire was to bring out new ways to teach science to the students ofthe country. The institute brings along a very experienced faculty, wherein the entire team comprises of B.Tech graduates, postgraduates, and PhD scholars. The faculty believes in innovation and work around new ways to teach science to their pupils. The institute has a strong focus on IIT JEE preparation, but also provides coaching for other reputed competitive exams conducted in the country. They have a strong focus on student counselling to make students mentally strong and better prepared to face the challenges.

Courses Offered: Target (regular sessions for class XI and XII students), Crash Course/Revision Course offer regular classes every week, along with special doubt removal classes, review tests, etc

Fee Range: INR 20000 to INR 75000

More details can be seen here: Aspire Career Academy



It started its Intensive Contact Program in Chennai in 1997 and full- fledged program in 2005. It is an experienced and renowned institute for IIT preparation. In the very first batch, it produced a miraculous result as over 20 students were selected for IIT JEE. Since then over the last few years, it has produced outstanding results in JEE Main as well as Advanced. It has very experienced teachers that have been tutoring JEE aspirants for several years.

Courses Offered: Multiple courses are offered for class XI, class XII and class XII pass students. Like Two Year Classroom Program for Mains and Advanced, Two Year Condensed Classroom Program, One Year Classroom Program, Special Weekend Programs, Intensive Courses etc.

The institute offers multiple modes to admission wherein students can give entrance exams to receive different kinds of scholarships and fee waivers. For example: Big Bang Edge Test and FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam, or simply appear in the General Admission Test

Fee Range: INR 68000 to INR 3 lac

More details can be seen here: FIITJEE


4. Super 30 Patna

It is a unique coaching institute that runs under the name of Ramanujam School of Mathematics. Every year it hunts for 30 talented students across the backward sections of the society and trains them to be successful for IIT JEE. All the students in the coaching program get free coaching, lodging and food. Without any donation from anyone, it has been producing excellent results in JEE.

The institute offers free JEE preparation classes to only 30 students from the economically backward section, who show immense spirit, dedication, and calibre towards the field of engineering.

More details can be seen here: Super 30 Patna


5. IITians PACE

Based in Mumbai, it believes in giving best coaching for JEE Mains to the deserving students and helps them achieve their dream to get into IIT. It has the best curriculum for JEE as it is designed by the top and experienced experts. They make the learning process easy and concentrate on making the fundamentals strong of the students. They use innovative methods of teaching and have an excellent faculty for teaching the core subjects.

Courses Offered: One Year Program/Two Year Program (Comprehensive and Support), Repeater’s Batch, Crash Course, and Correspondence Course

Fee Range: INR 8260 to INR 5.9 lac

More details can be seen here: IITians PACE

All of the above mentioned institutes bring along years of experience in the field of IIT JEE coaching. The panel of experts comprise of highly experienced academicians or people from the industry, who enrich the knowledge base of every student, in their own manner. Considering so many positives, you can surely consider these to be the Top 10 IIT JEE Main Coaching Institutes in India.

Why choose Coaching Institutes?

If you want to have an edge over other students during JEE preparation, then it is crucial to join a coaching institute. They have the best tutors and mentors, who will not only help you to understand the topics but will also make you mentally stronger. How choosing an Entrance Exam Preparation institute JEE Main can help you go a long way in this journey, has been perfectly explained by some ex-IITians.

As an ex-student of IIT Kanpur, Shashank Shekhar Singh provides an insight into some interesting benefits of joining coaching institutes- both online and offline.
According to him, a coaching institute plays a vital role in shaping the career of the students and it prepares them mentally and academically, for several competitive exams. The main benefit of joining an offline IIT JEE coaching institutes is that it provides a healthy competitive atmosphere, thereby acting as a catalyst to crack different competitive examinations. Also, regular tests and assignments help students to improve their approach towards the problem.
He also speaks about many benefits of online coaching. He says that online coaching is beneficial for those who are not able to go to distant places for coaching. Students can also clear their doubts at any time and also they will be under the guidance of both teachers and parents.

Another ex-IITian of Patna, Nishant shares that the coaching institutes both entrance exam coaching institute JEE Main and entrance exam coaching institute JEE Advanced have defined curriculum and strategy for preparing students. The highly competitive environment can be very much beneficial to students if they are self- motivated. Whereas in the online coaching, students get personalized attention as they have very small batches. Also, students don’t have to waste time in travelling. They can easily revise the subjects by watching the recorded classes in online coaching.

How to choose best JEE Coaching Institute?

When you have decided to join a coaching institute for IIT JEE, it becomes a daunting task to choose a good institute as it will play a major role in JEE preparation. You have to check out several things before enrolling in the coaching classes.

Entrance Exam Coaching institute JEE Main & JEE AdvancedShashank has given some tips on choosing an IIT JEE coaching centre that will make your JEE preparation easier. He advises the JEE aspirants to be careful before choosing an institute. He tells them to go through the reviews of the particular institute you are going to join before enrolling for the classes. Students should choose an institute that has a good reputation in the market.
For JEE aspirants, who are aspiring to join online coaching institute, he suggests going through the website and profiles of the faculties before registering for their online programs. He also advises them to ask their seniors, who have already enrolled in online coaching and get reviews from them. The aspirants should also check the response of the website as to how regularly they answer the questions posted on their website.

Nishant also throws some light on How to Choose Best Coaching for IIT JEE. According to him, a good coaching institute always

  • Have high quality and experienced staff and also they maintain them

  • Track performance of students on regular basis and suggest them ways of improvement

  • Produces better ranks in the past years competitive exam

  • Has a good code of conduct and works towards performance improvement of the students

These are few of the suggestions and tips from ex- IITians that can be helpful for students in choosing best coaching institute for IIT JEE preparation. It is a crucial decision for students to choose a good institute for JEE preparation. This is because, it provides them a competitive environment and motivates them to perform better.

While there are thousands of JEE aspirants who begin early and start their IIT JEE Preparation, just after grade 10. Not only does this buy them more time to prepare, but also allows them to stay in constant touch with their class 11 syllabus, which comprise of a whopping 45% of the IIT JEE Examination Syllabus. While, many are able to take this route, there are thousands still, who are devoid of correct support and guidance at such an early stage.

For all those students enrolling for institutes like askIITians is a great option, as it provides online tutoring classes. Wherein, the strength of the delivery medium lies in the fact that students can be a part of the tutorials from the comfort and convenience of their home. There is also no liability to attend physical lectures from the coaching centre classrooms, toiling hard for travel to and from and spending great money in various overheads. All this while, online tutoring by askIItains provides live online classes, study material, test series, mock tests, doubt removal sessions, regular parent teacher connects and more.

With the above list of top coaching institutes, students can make an informed decision of enrolling for coaching classes. There are also suggestions and tips from the experts that will be helpful for students in choosing the best coaching institute for JEE preparation.

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