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Best Medical Coaching Institutes in Kota

Top 10 NEET Coaching Centers in KotaMedical is the dream of every child and to get into one of the best medical colleges in India, every student tried his or her best. Like Rome wasn't built in a day, to get into the reputed colleges, you need to have the best preparation techniques. Gone are the days when students used to burn their midnight oil to crack AIPMT which is NEET now. If you are looking for the best coaching institute for medical, you should consider Kota. There are many top NEET coaching institutes in Kota. Let us know of them in detail.

Top NEET Coaching Institutes in Kota

Online Medical Coaching Institutes

  • It is one of the best Medical Coaching in Kota providing online mode of coaching. With a small batch size, you get more attention and enhance the scope of improvement.  Every year, there are names of’s students in the top 100 AIR.

Courses Offered: They offer:

1. Two Year Classroom Program for PMT (AIIMS/AIPMT/SLE) and Other Medical Exams, which features:

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • 385 hr Live Lectures

  • 142 hr Live Doubt Removal Sessions

  • 68 hr High Order Thinking Skills

  • 90 hr Chapter Tests (PMT Level)

  • 30 hr Unit Tests (PMT Level)

  • 30 hr  Full Test (PMT Level)

  • 15 hr SAT Subject Tests (PCB)

  • 40 hr Parent Teacher Meeting

INR 1, 52,900 – 2,88,200

For more details, click here.


2. One Year Classroom Program for PMT (AIIMS/AIPMT/SLE) and Other Medical Exams, which features:

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • 298 hr Live Lectures

  • 111 hr Live Doubt Removal Sessions

  • 51 hr High Order Thinking Skills

  • 52 hr Chapter Tests (PMT Level)

  • 21 hr Unit Tests (PMT Level)

  • 78 hr SA Test (online + offline) (PCMB)

  • 3 hr PSA Test (School Level)

  • 24 hr Full Test (School + PMT Level) (PCB)

  • 20 hr Parent Teacher Meeting

INR 1, 52,900 – 2,88,200

For more details, click here.


  • EtoosIndia: Get the best problem solving technique by joining this top coaching centre for medical entrance exam in Kota and from any other part. It has been recommended as one of the best by ex-students.

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • One Year, Two Year and Three Year Courses

  • VOD (Video lecture)/Mobile Learning/USB form

INR 5300 – 28600

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  • Kshitij: Another name that has been known for quality medical coaching and that too online is Kshitij. You get the best test series and help round the clock. With this online coaching, many have enrolled and been successful. Expert test papers and handpicked faculty make the journey worthwhile.

  • Akash iTutor: You all know about Akash institute that has its presence in almost every part of India. With the best faculty from Akash institutes, you get the best teaching pedagogy for medical entrance. Ex-medical experts have their support through live and recorded lectures.

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • Premium Packages for Class XI+XII NEET/ Class XII NEET

  • Classic Packages for Class XI+XII NEET/ Class XII NEET

INR 32599 – 45999

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  • MyStudyCart: It is one of the best online coaching platforms for medical students with high passing percentage every year. Pay conveniently and without stepping out of the home, you can have access to this online coaching platform.

Top coaching center for Medical entrance exam in Kota

Kota is the hub of NEET coaching and if you are determined to crack it, get the best guidance from the top and reputed for years coaching centers. Here is the list of those offline names that have made it to the top since inception. 

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • One Year/Two Year Course for NEET

  • Crash Course and a Correspondence course

  • Recordings of the live sessions, study material & doubt removal sessions

INR 14000 – 184000

For more details, click here


Offline Medical Coaching Institutes

  • Allen Career Institute: The institute has been in the service of the students for the past 25 years and it has been doing wonderful since its inception. It not only offers the best and required medical coaching to the aspirants but also provides the basic foundation course for medical for the students in tenth standard. Apart from their traditional classroom coaching, they also have their correspondence system of teaching the students. The institute has got A++ rank for its impeccable result every year. Every year 1000s of students get admission in various MBBS colleges and the credit goes to Allen. It is definitely the best NEET entrance coaching in Kota.

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • NURTURE: 2 Year Course for Class XI Students (English / Hindi Medium)

  • ENTHUSIAST: 1 Year Course for Class XII Students (English / Hindi Medium)

  • LEADER: 1 Year Course for Class XII Passed/Appeared Students (English / Hindi Medium)

  • ACHEIVER:  1 Year Course for Ex-ALLEN / XII Passed in 2017 or before Students i.e. repeaters (English / Hindi Medium)

INR 1,06,000 – 1,10,000

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  • Akash Institute: Being one of the best coaching platforms for medical aspirants, the coaching centre is known for the various teaching pedagogies used by the faculty members. Moreover, a practical learning approach is imparted so that students can understand and solve easy to advanced questions in a short span of time. It provides coaching programs in one year and two years and also conducts tests to check the performance of the students. Correspondence course is also an option.

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • Two Year Integrated Course for NEET and AIIMS (Before Declaration of Board Results)

  • Two Year Integrated Course for NEET and AIIMS (After Declaration of Board Results)

  • XII Cum Medical Course for NEET and AIIMS

  • Regular Course for NEET and AIIMS

  • Rankers Course for NEET and AIIMS

INR 2,00,000 – 3,00,000

For more deatails, click here


  • Bansal Classes: Every year 60 students get admission into medical colleges out of the 100 students appearing. This shows the consistency of the coaching platform. They have the extensive one and two year programs along with correspondence and online coaching facility on demand. Your search for NEET entrance coaching in Kota ends here.

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • Courses like Bull’s Eye, Nucleus, Sterling with different durations (One Year/Two Year Programs)

INR 55,000 – 1,75,000 A

For more details, click here


  • Brilliant Tutorials: As the name suggests, the coaching centre is definitely brilliant in terms of its teaching techniques and the output every year. There are almost 125 professionals who are associated with the learning and mentoring processes. Every year, 60% of the students get admission. That is a result that has made the institute bright and never fades its light any day. It is the name that every student wishes to be associated with. Apart from offering two years, one year and distance learning, the institute is also known for result-oriented crash course. If we have to name the top 10 NEET coaching centres in Kota, this name will always shine.

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • Aadhar (from class VIII)

  • Pre Foundation (from class IX and X)

  • Foundation ( for class XI)

  • Rankers (for class XII)

  • Target (for class XIII)

INR 30000 – 80000 Approx.

For more details, click here


  • Career Point: This one is another name known for offering quality and result-oriented classroom training and coaching to students willing to join MBBS colleges in India. It is one of the best medical entrance exams coaching centers in Kota. It makes a student ready for the entrance and for the future. The students are taught as per the real life exam pattern. Students can also appear for the tests online which will be a replica of the actual medical entrance.

Courses Offered Fee Range
  • Aadhar (from class VIII)

  • Pre Foundation (from class IX and X)

  •  Foundation ( for class XI)

  • Rankers (for class XII)

  • Target (for class XIII)

INR 14000 – 100000 Approx.

For more details, click here


Why choose top Medical Coaching Institutes?

Neet Coaching Institutes in KotaThere are many reasons to why you need to choose a coaching institute. Anjali Ahuja, an MSc in Biochemistry is an esteemed faculty member in AskIITians who has helped 100s of medical aspirants prepare and crack medical entrance in the past. She insists on seeking help of medical coaching centers. Lets study the most important benefits that according to her you can’t ignore.

  • You have access to the best coaching techniques and problem solving techniques

  • You are updated with the latest news of medical entrance or NEET

  • Experienced faculty members of top medical colleges make your journey smooth and seamless. You gain more confidence

  • With more number of students in the batch, you know your stand better and with that you gain more awareness

  • You have access to individual counselling as you are given personal attention

  • You get help with your weak areas and become better with time

  • With regular tests and assessments, you only improve your tactics of solving a problem

  • Be a part of the defined curriculum and strategy for your NEET

With so many names, you must have gotten confused about which one to choose from those. You can follow the important tips for students to select Kota’s best coaching for medical.

How to choose top Medical Coaching Institutes?

It becomes confusing for students to choose the right coaching institute. As per Anjali Ahuja (M.Sc. in Biochemistry), there are a few aspects that a student should take into consideration before settling for the best one. The points as per the expert faculty are mentioned below.

  • Performance: There is no point you choosing the best name but the performance is missing. After you have shortlisted all the names, find the performance sheet of each of the names and get the clarity. Check for the consistency in performance and the faculty members coaching in those institutes.

  • Budget: Affordability is also a point that you must keep in mind. Each of the names may be equally good; however, the budget can decide the best one for you. By paying less if you get the quality, you can trust the name that is offering you a package that is affordable to you.

  • Reviews: Check the reviews and know what the best one is for you. You will get to know the reviews from the ex-students and the students who are already a part of it. You can watch videos of the coaching institutes to get a better idea.

You will need self-study for sure but joining one of the best NEET coaching in Kota for medical entrance will open doors of possibilities for you.


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