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Explore Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Iceland

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Added by Eric Bennett

Get your shot of amazing blue icebergs, a likely uncrowded beach and lagoon, and stunning ocean views.

From Reykjavik, just head south on Hwy 1 for about 3 hours until you reach Jokulsarlon. It's just off both sides of the road and a bridge drives over it - you wont miss it. If facing east, the lake is on the left side of the road and the beach is on the right. Both are awesome spots to shoot some photos. This is by far one of the most amazing places I have ever seen and is a must see if you are in Iceland. You could definitely camp on the beach in the soft black sand to get some photos of the northern lights if the wind isn't too harsh. It's also an amazing spot to catch the sunrise or sunset. You can combine the drive out here with a lot of other things too and make a good day trip. Check out my other adventure, "Waterfalls of Iceland," for some more ideas.

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I was expecting more from this place. I was sad to see the ice melting. Will there any be left in the near future? We happened to go when it was raining, so there weren't as many people around. Best to go later in the day, when it's not so busy.

Between here and diamond beach you can really spend a few hours watching wildlife, icebergs and the waves. Beautiful place.

You may have seen icebergs before, you may visit Jokulsarlon and find it full of tourists, but it just is amazing to be there. We visited the lake during sunset and the beautiful sun light created really impressive scenes and colors. The slow movement of the ice pieces was amazing and you could even see seals playing around and diving. Can't miss it if you go to Iceland!

This is a must-see. The colors, textures, and wildlife are absolutely worth your time. Keep an eye out for seals that sunbathe on the icebergs! As the author mentioned, there are nearby areas that make this a perfect stopping point during a longer south coast drive.

It's really cool to see the floating icebergs that have broken off from the glacier. The color and shapes of each are very unique and impressive to look at. Unfortunately, we had an extremely foggy morning so I couldn't see much of the actual glacier. Hopefully that won't be the same for you!

Last March, at sunset, we photographed the icebergs that had washed up on the beach and it was an amazing experience!

This was definitely my favorite place in Iceland to photograph during my road trip. The location is unreal and feels like you are on another planet, even though it is just a couple feet off of the Ring Road. I had a blast shooting on the ice beach and I was lucky enough to spot some seals in the lagoon. This spot definitely attracts a lot of people which is the only downside to it, but I would suggest trying to photograph it in the early morning to avoid most crowds and tour buses. I can imagine that he sunrises on the beach are amazing.

Just the coolest damn icebergs. And seals!

We caught the sunset on the beach last March and it was a blast. It was more crowded than some other locations around the coast but most of the people were photographers and did a good job of staying out of each others way. I would definitely recommend wearing Neos or waders when you're shooting by the ocean because those waves can sneak up on you!

This is by far one of the coolest places on the planet. You won't find solitude, but the scenery is mind-blowing. I usually end up stopping here a couple times per trip because the ice is constantly changing, creating new photo ops.

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