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Hike to the Hidden Lockatong Waterfall

Stockton, New Jersey

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Added by Pawel Bednarski

Lockatong is a secluded spot and most of the time there's not many people and a great spot to take a dip during a summer's day. It's also a good spot to go cliff jumping, even though the drop is tiny.

If you're on Kingwood Stockton Road, there will be a dirt road with a Lockatong Nature Preserve sign before it (going north on Kingwood Stockton Road, the sign will be on your left. If you're driving south, the sign will be on your right). Just drive all the way until the end of the dirt road and park where you wish. There will be one trail and you have to follow the trail all the way until you reach your destination. The trail is roughly a mile long, at most a 15-minute walk.

This spot is usually empty, or if not, you shouldn't encounter too many people. Most people go to this waterfall to enjoy the swimming hole and the little (about 10 foot) cliff jump. The water is deep enough to jump in so don't worry. The best things about this spot is how secluded it is, you're basically alone with your friends/ family and nature. Not to mention, the place is beautiful when you get to it. It's truly relaxing and you don't have to swim to enjoy the beauty of this creek. 

The downside of the walk to this creek is that it gets really muddy. Be prepared and it's probably best you shouldn't wear your new shoes when going here. Another downside is that during summer there's a good amount of ticks on the trail. Bug spray wouldn't hurt and I recommend checking yourself when you get home that night. Other than that, go have a  look for yourself what this place is about. Enjoy! 

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Picnic Area
Cliff Jumping


Due to extreme disrespect of trail, non locals have been extremely unwelcomed at this location. Rightfully so as they have been demolishing the park.

When I used to come here years ago there would maybe be one other group at the falls now it is usually difficult to get a good spot. Many people come and leave trash which is just wrong. Please respect the space and clean up after yourselves. The trail to the falls has been extremely muddy and I was covered in mud up to my shins the last time I went. In the water I have seen fish and also a large turtle (not sure if it is a snapping turtle) as well as snakes. I do have to say I used to go here almost once a week and now I only go a few times a summer due to the stress of getting a parking spot and a spot by the falls. Please carry in/carry out.

This is literally in my backyard, I've lived here my entire life so it means a lot to me - I really wish it wasn't displayed on this website as a tourist attraction, We are now getting graffiti and people leaving trash all over, and you are rarely ever alone anymore & after finding websites giving directions I can see why.. It's loosing it's charm and it breaks my heart - It used to be a secret spot- I can just hope the people who do go there will at least respect it and leave it as they found it. Or help keep it clean.

do go there, trash is left everywhere, always tons of people.

trail begins with tall grass- wear bugspray. It's about a 25 minute trail - keep left at the fork in the trail about 5 minutes in... you'll hike downward once you're close to the water. It wasn't too crowded. When we got there there was only one person, but YOU NEED WATER SHOES to swim, as the rocks are very jagged and slippery. By the time we left a few more groups showed up, but nothing crazy. Our kids (10 & 7) loved it, especially the small falls leading up to the swimming hole.

After about 2 days of rain, my boyfriend and I went to check out the falls (best time for viewing a waterfall, after rain of course) and no one else was there. Very quiet spot. Hike to the falls was very muddy, but that’s to be expected after heavy rain and the falls made the trek absolutely worth it! Be sure to go after it rains for a spectacular view of the falls. Relatively easy climb down to a close view and walk along the creek

went yesterday with my boyfriend, super easy to find if you use Google maps to find it. the hike down to falls takes a while, definitely wear bug spray, and cover yourself if your scared of getting poison ivy or ticks . more people definitely know about this spot, quite a few people there but it wasn't crowded, it was nice, cool place to even meet a few people. it's a really beautiful spot! check it out!

Amazing little spot. You hike for about 15 to 20 minutes until you end up at the water. The swimming area isn’t huge, but perfect for just a couple friends. The surrounding area has great places to hike and explore, as well as a fire pit.

This is the bit that I find confusing: "If you're on Kingwood Stockton Road, there will be a dirt road with a Lockatong Nature Preserve sign before it" Kingwood Stockton Road is a VERY long road and I am not sure where on this road to find the preserve sign. GPS coordinates?

Great trip, and peaceful spot. There was some trash along the trail and by the waterfall, and watch out for broken glass.

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