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How to prepare for IIT JEE from Class 11


Table of Content

Many a times we hear students scrambling for answers to questions like how to prepare for IIT from class 11? Online or offline. This in itself is symbolic to the growing IIT fad amongst the younger generation in India. However to be fair, IIT is much more than a fad. It is what dreams are made of. The most reputed Engineering Colleges in India, offering the most experienced faculty, the best infrastructure, the best corporate tie-ups, the most sophisticated research infrastructure and more.

IIT books for class 11However, getting through an IIT is no child’s play. Lakhs of aspirants compete every year to be in the top thousands. Then they scramble for the desired seat in the IIT of choice, in the department of choice, and more. While, many have devoted one entire year for JEE Preparation, some began two years back, when they were in class 11. And, for those who began preparation for IIT JEE in class 11, the drill seems more fulfilling. This is because there was neither the need to rush ahead and panic, and nor the scope to move halfheartedly, wasting time.

Let’s begin by understanding the ‘Why’?

  • The simplest need to begin preparation for IIT JEE in class 11 is because of the fact that the JEE Exam Syllabus comprise of class 11 and class 12 syllabus for the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

  • A one year preparation period, along with class 12 studies can make it a little too stretched for everyone. There have been lakhs of cases where students were eventually forced to drop a year after class 12 to prepare well.

  • Class 11 syllabus becomes the core of the entire syllabi across the three subject domains. So, while they prepare for their school exams, students can simultaneously start referring IIT Books for class 11.

  • Such a steady and distributed step wise approach not only assists with preparing the subjects well, but is also helpful towards adopting a stress free regime.

Now, the students who actually decide to begin timely preparation from class 11 itself, deal with multiple doubts. They share concerns and queries on how to begin with and stick to the preparation process, what are the IIT preparation books for class 11 or IIT preparation time table for class 11 etc.

IIT JEE Main and Advanced Preparation tips from class 11

Here, we will provide essential IIT JEE Main and Advanced Preparation tips from class 11

  • Begin by understanding the past exam trends. You can do this through available information online or analyzing at least past five years papers on your own.

  • This will help you gauge the most significant topics that are repeated year on year and the ones that are mostly ignored.

  • Understanding this trend would also help you to prepare a suitable customized IIT preparation timetable for class 11.

  • So, the next step would be preparation of a comprehensive timetable and abiding by it to the core.

Subject Wise Analysis

While you do online search for IIT Preparation Books for class 11 pdf, understand what the bag holds for you.


The subject encompasses aspects of: Optics, Electrodynamics, Modern Physics, Heat & Thermodynamics, and Mechanics.

  • As suggested, a trend analysis of the Physics domain will give you highlighted areas to prepare.

  • You can refer available online analysis or plot your own pie chart by allocating the biggest pieces of pie to the most prominently covered areas.

  • Conduct a topic wise segregation: Mechanics seems to be the paper setters’ first choice for years, followed by questions from errors and measurements, fluids, gravitation etc.

  • This is followed by Modern Physics, and Ray, Wave Optics in order.

  • Remaining topics from the subject bring in few questions each year, with the least favorite being Elasticity.

  • Recommended Books: NCERT Class 11th & 12th books, Concepts of Physics Vol 1 &2 (by H.C. Verma), Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnik and Walker.


IIT JEE preparation time table for class 11The subject encompasses modules like Physical, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry.

  • While conducting the trend analysis, begin by gaining knowledge on how significant each of these modules is, from the exam perspective.

  • Trust on your pie charts to give you a clear picture. They will even highlight the repetitive ‘Red’ areas, which should be your priority.

  • Physical Chemistry brings along questions from Kinetics, Chemical Equilibrium etc. in the majority. While thermodynamics and electrochemistry are on a steady decline through some years.

  • Nomenclatures, general organic chemistry are observing fewer questions in Organic Chemistry. Although, Alkanes, Alkynes, Polymers, Carbonyls etc. see rising number of questions.

  • Under Inorganic Chemistry, P Block elements bring along a lot of questions, consistently followed by Coordination Compound questions. Some consistent topics include periodic properties of these elements, metallurgy, chemical bonding etc.

  • Some of the recommended books be like: NCERT books for class 11th & 12th; Concepts of Physical Chemistry for JEE, 8th Edition (by P. Bahadur); A New Pattern Textbook of Organic/Inorganic Chemistry for Competitions (by O.P. Tandon).


The subject is all about ‘Practice’. There is no escaping that. A perfect plan must include dedicated time for practicing all mathematical problems.

  • For the last five years, Differential Calculus has been dominating the question papers, consistently followed by Coordinate Geometry.

  • Integral Calculus, questions on topics like Vector Analysis, 3D queries find due coverage.

  • Other consistent areas in each years’ mathematics section are from Matrices & Determinants, Statistics, and Binomial Theorem etc.

  • The least favored area seems like Permutation & Combination, Probability etc.

  • Recommended books: NCERT Class 11th & 12th books; IIT Mathematics for JEE (Main & Advanced) (by M.L Khanna).

IIT JEE Main and Advanced preparation tips from class XI

While the above mentioned pointers should help all JEE aspirants from class 11 follow a specific subject wise preparation approach. Beginning early, they get time to align their heart and mind to their career goals and put in their best efforts. While they have the intent, some students seem unclear on the correct approach for why and how to prepare for IIT from class 11 onwards.

General Tips to Prepare for IIT JEE from Class 11

  • Use Your Time Wisely: ‘Plan Well’: Aspirants need to utilize each minute wisely and prepare a personalized full proof timetable.

  • Seek Expert Assistance: If they feel the need they can enroll in professional online classes for JEE preparation, under the guidance of experts. Online classes also save a lot of travel time.

  • Practice has no Substitute: There is no escaping the route to ‘practice’. All three subjects need practice for formulae, theorems, chemical equations and more.

  • Do Not Compromise on Health: Good health will ensure a good future. Hence, there is no point compromising on that. Students must move ahead with a schedule that offers sufficient time to rest, eat well, socialize, and have a ‘me’ time.

All of these tips will help class 11th aspirants achieve what they aspire for. All the best for JEE 2018!


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