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Online Tutoring in Sharjah

Online Tutoring: The Most Appropriate Approach to Entrance Preparations

In the current scenario, online tutoring provides the opportunity for a personalized approach to delivering education. As the world is more like a global village today, opportunities to seek education from the comforts of their home, provide students a never before opportunity. An opportunity to seek education whenever and wherever.

In view of this, askIITians brings online tutoring in Sharjah, for the NRI students settled and studying there. We provide expert coaching programs for the most sought-after entrance examinations like IIT JEE, AIIMS and NEET. All these exams open the plethora of opportunities to seek admission in the country’s most sought after engineering and medical institutes like IITs, NITs and AIIMS respectively.

These institutes have not only carved a name for themselves within the country, but all around the world because of the utmost quality education provided. And, this is what makes it all the more difficult to seek admission. There are lakhs of students aspiring for one opportunity and the right technique of preparation does make the journey seamless. And, so the programs being offered by askIITians are a great way for the NRIs settled in Sharjah, who want to seek admission in these institutes and pursue their higher education in India.

Online Tutoring in Sharjah by askIITians

The Benefits of Our Online Courses

Through its gamut of comprehensive live online classes in Sharjah, the experts at askIITians offer the most precise approach to these entrance exams. Our strategically designed and structured courses allow aspirants a wide choice to choose the course most suitable to their needs.


  • All our classes designed, structured and delivered by domain experts and professionals who are ex-IITians and top medical experts
  • All our programs offer live online sessions between the faculty and students
  • We provide demo classes for the students to make an informed choice
  • Our classes are scheduled to comfortably accommodate school hours, so that students do not tend to neglect school education
  • We provide courses for both engineering and medical entrance exams
  • We also offer meritorious scholarships for deserving candidates
  • We provide detailed reference notes and books, e books, and recorded lectures etc. The latter holding much significance for those who miss out on something important during live sessions and for brushing up on what has been taught.
  • Special doubt clearing sessions are conducted for the benefit of the students
  • We offer comprehensive test series so that aspirants keep on practising and preparing on the go
  • The team at askIITians also offer counsellor support and regular parent teacher connect

Writing Success Stories with Live Online Classes for


Our engineering aspirants are in great hands with ex-IITians structuring and designing their course material and scheduling classes. All sessions are delivered by such learned faculty. We offer:

  • One Year Fast Track Course: for the students of class XII
  • Two Year Complete Course: for students of class XI
  • Foundation Series Course: for the students from class VI to class X

Live Online Classes in Sharjah for IIT JEE, NEET and AIIMSLearn More about IIT JEE Coaching in Sharjah


Our NEET preparation sessions are conducted by experienced medical faculty who have vast experience and are well respected in their field. We Offer:

  • One Year Fast Track Course: for the students of class XII
  • Two Year Complete Course: for students of class XI
  • Foundation Series Course: for the students from class VI to class X

Learn More about NEET Coaching in Sharjah


All preparatory classes for AIIMS are designed and delivered by medical professionals having vast years of teaching expertise. They follow past examination trends to draft the curriculum and plan the delivery accordingly. We offer:

  • One Year Fast Track Course: for the students of class XII
  • Two Year Complete Course: for students of class XI
  • Foundation Series Course: for the students from class VI to class X

Learn More about AIIMS Coaching in Sharjah

All throughout the program and across all courses, all students are provided well laid out course plans, class scheduling, reference books and notes and recordings of the lectures.

askIITians is an established name in the domain of online tutoring when it comes to engineering and medical entrance in India. We have also been successful in carving a niche for ourselves all over the world now. Our exemplary services towards online tutoring in Sharjah, for the NRI students is what makes us stand apart from the league. It is the satisfaction these students experience when they get their hands at the prefect coaching platform; to help prepare for the most reputed Indian institutes. Moreover, all our courses are updated on a regular basis, per the changing syllabi. These live online classes that are offered are well supported by best technology, for seamless support.

We have already been associating with some of the best Indian schools in Sharjah like the New Indian Model School and St Mary’s Catholic High School. Wherein, we already offer coaching support for engineering and medical streams.


Upto 50% Scholarship on Live Classes

Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution