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Mathematics Revision Notes

Nobody can undermine the importance of revision. As a matter of fact, majority of the students work hard at it but don’t always work well at it. It is extremely important to plan your revision in advanceso that one doesn’t miss out the important concepts.Reading notes over and over again doesn't make you think. Especially in a subject like mathematicsit is extremely important torevise all the important facts and formulae. We at askIITians understand this need and have concocted an ultimate set of revision notes of mathematics covering almost all the important facts and formulae.They have been presented in the most crisp and precise form.Covering almost all domains like Algebra, Differential calculus, Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry, these notes can help you fetch excellent scores.


Arithmetic progression Solved Examples
Geometric Progression Solved Examples
Harmonic Progression Solved Examples
Permutation Solved Examples
Combination Solved Examples
Quadratic Equations Solved Examples
Sets, Relations & Functions Solved Examples
Binomial Theorem Solved Examples
Probability Solved Examples
Complex Number Solved Examples
Matrices Solved Examples
Vectors Solved Examples

Differential Calculus

Limits Solved Examples
Continuity Solved Examples
Differentiability Solved Examples
Maxima & Minima Solved Examples
Differntial Equations Solved Examples
Application of Derivatives Solved Examples
Indefinite Integral Solved Examples


Solution of Triangles Solved Examples
Circles connected with triangles Solved Examples
Trigonometric Functions Solved Examples
Trigonometric Equations and Identities Solved Examples

Coordinate geometry

Circle Solved Examples
Ellipse Solved Examples
Hyperbola Solved Examples
Parabola Solved Examples



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