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Indian National Mathematical Olympiad past year papers (2017,2018,2019)

We, at Askiitians, understand that it is only practice that makes a man perfect. Hence, we offer you Indian National Mathematical Olympiad past year papers as well as Indian National Mathematical Olympiad sample papers to help you with your INMO preparation.

 The INMO syllabus covers pre-degree college mathematics which is quite wide-ranging. The problems asked in the Math Olympiads are quite sophisticated and difficult too. We recommend you to start out by trying to solve a few Indian National Mathematical Olympiad past year papers and then, compare them with our Indian National Mathematical Olympiad answer keys.

You can also clarify your doubts by checking our solved Indian National Mathematical Olympiad papers with answers.

Below you will find year-wise INMO papers:

Year-wise INMO Papers

INMO Paper 2017 INMO Paper 2016
INMO Paper 2015 INMO Paper 2014
INMO Paper 2013 INMO Paper 2012
INMO Paper 2011 INMO Paper 2010
INMO Paper 2009 INMO Paper 2008
INMO Paper 2007 INMO Paper 2006
INMO Paper 2005 INMO Paper 2004
INMO Paper 2003 INMO Paper 2002
INMO Paper 2001 INMO Paper 2000



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