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Rank Predictor for JEE Main 2019

Students who wish to study in one of the prestigious colleges of India; IIT, are usually found haunted by things that are related to their future. Before the JEE Main examination they are more concerned about the preparations; during the examinations they are worried about giving their best and after the exams they are worried about their results. Thus, these students do not have the luxury of relaxing even after the exams are over.

To help the students in evaluating their performance in the final JEE Main exams, askIITians have introduced a tool for students who have appeared for the exams. This tool helps them to assess their performance in the JEE Main final exam and predict their rank, even before the final results are out. Many students have been benefitted from this tool as it gives accurate predictions and students can plan their colleges accordingly. This tool helps students to understand which course from which college and the branch is best for them. And make a wise and precise decision on the basis of the rank that they have scored

To get the predictions of their rank and assess their performance, students need to fill the form and then register with us. Once registered, the tool will calculate the following factors and predict the rank of the student and the appropriate college details. Factors that are taken into considerations which help in making accurate predictions for students are:

  • The marks that the student has scored in the JEE Main tests. Get JEE Main Solution here.

  • Previous year’s JEE Main cutoff marks

  • Study of the normalization process of Class 12 board exams

  • Analysis of the ranks that other students have got with students’ scores in the exam

  • Comparison of student’s scores with other students enrolled at askiitians


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