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These Colorado 14ers are newly off-limits to the public

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There are 58 peaks in Colorado over 14,000 feet. Visitors and locals add these Colorado hikes to their bucket-lists - some try to climb all of them! Legislative changes have led private landowners who own some of these peaks to rethink offering public access.

Colorado hikes affected by liability issues

In early March, the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee killed Senate Bill 103 - an amendment to the 1977 Colorado Recreational Use Statute that would have provided protections for landowners who allow public use on their property.

Landowners who previously allowed public access to privately owned 14ers are reconsidering allowing people on their land. 

John Rieber, the owner of Mount Lincoln and Mount Democrat, told the Colorado Sun he'd be closing the 14ers to the public due to legislative changes.

The peaks are part of the 7.5-mile Decalibron Loop, linking Mount Democrat, Mount Cameron, Mount Lincoln, and Mount Bross (all 14ers), and has had as many as 30,000 yearly visitors. In the past, Rieber has worked with the Forest Service, the Town of Alma, and state hiking groups to maintain the trails. 

Visitors on Rieber's land are legally allowed to sue if injured due to "inherent risks" on the land. Rieber's legal team recommended closing the peaks to protect him from lawsuits.

With the closure of the two peaks, 14er bucket lists grew a little smaller (and easier).

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