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IIT JEE Preparation in 1 YearEvery student in India wants to be an engineer. That is the fact. Not just the students but the parents also want their children to get into the Top Engineering College that is IIT. There are many IITs in India and to make it to those top-notch institution, you need to have an extensive preparation technique handy. If you are looking to take up the challenge of IIT JEE preparation in 1 year, IIT Advanced is the final step to get into your favorite IIT in India. One year is enough for an extensive preparation as you can follow the 1 year study plan for IIT JEE.

How to Crack JEE Advanced in 1 Year

There is no hidden formula for which you can get stressed. The tips that we are going to learn here are the best tips to crack IIT JEE in 1 year.

  • Syllabus: First of all you need to know the syllabus because when you know the syllabus, you have the power to make your plans accordingly. Here’s the subject wise topics and weightage.




Oscillations and Waves 12%
Electrostatics 11%
Optics 11%
Thermodynamics 10%
Rotational Motion 9%
Laws of Motion 7%
Current Electricity 6%
Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism 6%
Atoms and Nuclei 5%
Work Energy Power 4%
Electromagnetic Induction 4%
Physics and Measurement 4%
Properties of Solid and Liquid 4%
Electromagnetic Waves 3%
Kinematics 2%
Gravitation 2%

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Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen 11%
Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry 9%
States of Matter 7%
Equilibrium 6%
Coordination Compounds 5%
p-block elements 5%
Solutions 5%
Purification Characterization Organic Compounds 5%
Chemical Thermodynamics 5%
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure 5%
S-block elements 5%
Redox reactions and electrochemistry 4%
Surface Chemistry 3%
Atomic Structure 2%
Polymers 2%
Nuclear Chemistry 2%
Chemical Kinetics 2%
Biomolecules 2%
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties 2%
General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals 2%
D and F block elements 2%
Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry 2%
Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen 2%
Hydrocarbons 2%
Organic Compounds Containing Halogens  2%
Principles Related to Practical Chemistry 1%

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Trigonometry 8%
Integrals 8%
Derivatives 8%
Probability 7%
Quadratic Equations 7%
Circles 6%
Complex Numbers 5%
Three Dimensional Geometry 5%
Sequence and Series 5%
Vector Algebra 5%
Conic Sections 5%
Relations and Functions 5%
Matrices and Determinants 4%
Limits and Continuity 4%
Straight Lines 3%
Permutation and Combinations 3%
Application of Derivatives 3%
Inverse Trigonometry 2%
Differential Equations 2%
Binomial Theorem 1%
Logarithm 1%
Application of Integrals 3%

Now that you know the syllabus, you have the next step of preparation.

1 Year Study Plan for IIT JEE

Subject wise Preparation Tips for IIT JEE

  • Physics: Students make the mistake of trying out the questions that are commonly asked every year in JEE Advanced. You should avoid making that mistake. Of course you need to devote more time to Mechanics, Electromagnetism and numerical problems because they cover 65% of the questions asked in Physics. 65% of the questions you get will be from mechanics combined with Electromagnetism.

  • Chemistry: You can devote time for the practice of Physical Chemistry as it is one of the most scoring topics. Organic Chemistry also gets more weightage, approximately 40% of the questions. So, spend some extra time on the topic.

  • Mathematics: It is the scoring subject of all and we can’t deny the fact. If you are focused towards IIT JEE preparation in 1 year, this subject should be practiced daily and without a miss. Try out all the common and complicated questions. The topics Complex Numbers and Permutation Combination with Probability should be paid more attention to as they cover a chunk of the syllabus, to be precise 80% of it. Try to make every topic as easy as a cake walk so that every question that you need to attempt during the entrance is on your fingertips.

Tips to Crack IIT JEE in 1 year

  • Revision should start early: When you have one year time, you can divide the first 8 to 9 months for the completion of every topic and then the remaining months for revision. The sooner you revise the better for you as you can start practicing the complicated and unconventional questions. You should also practice examination papers of previous years with a timer set. Try to complete each paper in the given time frame so that you know your ability of managing time.

  • Maintain separate notebooks: For making your revision easier and hassle free, you can maintain separate notebooks for theory and practical. By doing so, you are saving time on fiddling with your notebooks.

  • Reference materials: You should start referring to the extra books once you have completed NCERT books questions and problems. You will see the difference.

  • Coaching: You can also join a Crash Course towards the end of the one year so that you know where you stand and fill gaps if there are any.. You will also get experts tips and advice from the ex-IITians who will share golden thoughts and words with you.

General Tips for IIT JEE Preparation in 1 year

  • Don’t deviate from your routine because distraction is the cause of failure for many. You should follow a strict routine every day

  • Ask questions and doubts whenever you have any to the experts. You can also watch motivational videos by toppers

  • Eat healthy because you need tremendous energy to sustain the preparation for a year

  • Drink lots of water as it is a necessity

  • Exercise or meditate so that your body and mind are in sync and you get the desired strength from within

You can follow these tips to crack IIT JEE in 1 year and nothing can come your way from fulfilling your dream. These are the tips by experts; tried and tested. The tips have helped many in the past in getting a seat in one of the best IITs. Following these tips you also can get admission in your dream IIT and become a reputed engineer someday.

Now IIT JEE Advanced is just the tips away. Don’t be distracted and don’t deviate from the routine. You can be there soon like many others who have already made it.

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